Hey! Welcome to RadVaxCo and our VACCINATED. Collection.
The past year has been an absolute dumpster fire and we're just about on our way to the other side.
Do you remember shaking hands with people you meet, hugging your friends inside bar bathrooms, kissing a first date?!
We miss it all so much. But the end is near. 
As we all start to dose up, it’s hard to tell who isn’t wearing a mask cause they’re vaccinated and who’s just an asshole. We made it easy for you.
Rock our collection and know you're doing good. You're supporting multiple small businesses, you're donating to charity, and you're showing off the ultimate flex of 2021: being vaccinated. 
Our hats are embroidered by Fox Embroidery, an Asian American-owned business in Venice, CA.
Our shirts are printed by Star Printing LA, a black-owned business based in Downtown Los Angeles.
We make it our goal to shop local, shop small, and stay rad!
About Jamie & Laura.
Jamie Jensen & Laura Max McDonald live in Los Angeles, CA. They met five years ago while working at The Misfit, a restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, and quickly became friends. Jamie was even there from the very moment Laura started her first business, Rad Max Vintage.
Jamie's design skills paired with Laura's knowledge of e-commerce led to this inevitable and exciting collaboration. 
Jamie is a licensed realtor and a dog mom to Rylee.
Laura is a SAG-AFTRA actress and comedian, and a plant mom to 11 plants named after Harry Potter characters.
They're ready to be out in public, aren't you?